The digital check-in solution for vacation rentals

Tired of the paperwork with the legally required guest registration forms?
With ibindo you can send the guest registration form to your guests in advance, without extra effort or additional attachment of a booking.

We are the The digital check-in solution for vacation rentals for all
Airbnb Hosts, Hotels, Chalets & Resorts, Property Manager, …
for the simple administration of your guest registration forms, and also for the monthly tourism statistics and the calculation of tourism tax.

+ Legal security in Austria
+ Data retention in the EU
+ GDPR compliance
+ Regular backups
+ SSL encryption
+ English and German texts
+ Third party support
+ Transmisson via local community department


Digitize your check-in process with ibindo
From now on, guest registration forms, overnight stay statistics and tourism tax are no longer headache points.
Quick, easy and contactless.

PS: Quick and easy login with your Google Account

Our customers are:

AirBnB Hosts

Whether in Vienna or the rest of Austria. If you rent out your apartment or room through Airbnb, you must maintain a guest registry.
We support you in an uncomplicated way – without additional registration for your visitors.

Apartments, campsites, tiny houses and much more...

Always keep track of already completed and still open guest registration forms. No filing and annoying adding up for the monthly tourism statistics. We also take over the calculation of the tourism tax.

Property Management Agencies

Time is money. Save yourself and your customers a lot of time filling out guest registration forms and monthly statistics. Managing multiple vacation properties is not a problem. All without a piece of paper.

Create one or more rental objects

Create your rental properties in our webapp in a few minutes and manage them and your visitors easily in ibindo.

1 magic link

We generate a link for each rental object. You do not have to create a booking or anything like that in advance. Always send the same link to your guests in your standard booking email and they can fill out the guest registration form at any time before or after their arrival – you then check and complete it. Done – it’s that easy. No extra effort.

1 magic link

We generate a link for each rental object. You do not have to create a booking or anything like that in advance. Always send the same link to your guests in your standard booking email – you then check it and complete it. Done – it’s that easy. No extra effort.

Here you can see a test guest registration form: Link

1-click export of accommodation statistics and tourism tax

The tedious adding up of persons incl. countries of origin is no longer necessary as of now. 1 click and the monthly export is done. Easy filing in your check-in process.
Also the tourism tax is done with 1 click.

How does it work in 1 minute?
Our screencast with all functions

Advantages for your rental


You don’t have to create an additional booking or anything like that. Enter the details of your object once, then you will get 1 link from us. Always send the same link to all guests. Then confirm the entry and you’re done.


Everything digital. No more sending notes in advance or organizing annoying meetings. Send your guests the “magic” link and they will enter their details on their own within minutes, all securely stored on EU servers.


All data incl. of the overnight stay statistics you export in 1 minute per rental object. Keep track of submitted guest registration form. Third party support

Our price packages

Our special offer for all landlords.

0 – 3 guest registration forms per month

No risk / Simply test / Cancel at any time
We grow with you!

Je mehr Gästeblätter desto günstiger
der Preis pro Gästeblatt.

0,0 € pro Gästeblatt

0 - 3 Gästeblätter/Monat

0,8 € pro Gästeblatt

4 - 100 Gästeblätter/Monat

0,5 € pro Gästeblatt

101 - 250 Gästeblätter/Monat

Individuelles Angebot
für Property Manager auf Anfrage.

mehr als 250 Gästeblätter/Monat

3 Gästeblätter 0 € pro Monat
5 Gästeblätter 4 € pro Monat
25 Gästeblätter 20 € pro Monat
150 Gästeblätter 105 € pro Monat

All packages include

+ Overnight stay statistics
+ tourism tax calculation
+ Regular guest function
+ Data backup (EU server)
+ Support
+ Transmission directly to Gemeiden/Feratel possible
+ Monthly cancellation


PS: If you don’t rent for the whole year, you can always cancel your subscription and rejoin at some point -.
your data will be preserved

Our customers

“We are excited about the ease of guest registration.
The service runs without any problems and the process is feasible even for older foreign workers without any problems.”

– Mario Baumüller,

“Wow. We want to rent out our own apartment while we are on vacation ourselves and I was already racking my brain on how to do the guest registration thing…, now I’m more relaxed, thanks!”

– Nathalie, Airbnb Host Wien –

“Warning: testimonial!!! I came across Ibindo a few weeks ago (even before the cooperation with Airbnb) and I have to say, it made the process with the registration a lot easier for me.”

– Thomas, Airbnb Host Wien –

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